Meet One of the Original Artists Behind Magic: The Gathering

Mark Poole, the man behind countless cards

Mark Poole is one of the original 25 artists who worked on Magic: The Gathering. He’s created over 100 cards since he began working on the project. Since his style varies, fans can have a hard time recognizing his works. However, his signature style usually features balanced palettes with Japanese stylistic elements.

Among several of the original duel lands, some of his most notable artwork includes Ancestral Recall, Balance, Counterspell and Library of Alexandria.

Mark’s art has improved noticeably and become more refined over the years. He’s one of the few original artists still creating for Magic: The Gathering. Contact him today to learn more about his contributions to the game.

He’s also worked on other projects

Mark has also worked with Sony Online Entertainment, Dragon Storm and Valley Games. He’s updated many of his iconic pieces and continues to create original art. You can expect to see many more pieces from him in the years to come.

Contact today to hire Mark for your next art or gaming project.